THE SECRET OWL is an annual wedding photography workshop established and coordinated by fine art wedding photographer Sotiris Tsakanikas. Bringing forth the dynamics of wedding imagery, we join forces with the most prominent photography and event design creatives worldwide to present a select number of attendees with a 5-day masterclass on visual narrative, style, technique, and branding.

OUR PHILOSOPHY: Photography shows that each action is connected to another or a thousand others and that can never be solitary. We design a collective destination escape that integrates companionship with methodology, insight, process, hands-on styled shooting and extraordinary visuals. We aspire to have you motivated, stirred and driven to take your wedding photography to the next level.

THE CITY OWL is a series of 2- day storytelling workshops for an exclusive group of 12 attendees. With the official backing and core team of The Secret Owl, we seek out and probe the key elements of fine art wedding photography. Story driven styled shoot photography and theory combined in a magical urban setting. Learn, grow, get inspired by the city.

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