October 13, 2017

Video from 2017 The Secret Owl Workshop in Mykonos.

October 11, 2017


The Secret Owl by Greek fine art photographer Sotiris Tsakanikas is an exclusive suite of annual workshops curated to spark creative voice and to provide professional photographers with insight towards developing their signature, avant-garde yet organic imagery. Selecting unique locales and working with state-of-the-art wedding-industry vendors, the courses team branding novelties with personal vision. 

Boudoir photography may not be a novelty, but it is certainly an era-defining, searingly honest take on a woman's celebration of herself, as she truly is. T...

October 10, 2017


The Secret Owl is an annual fine art photography workshop focusing on the palpable beauty of story telling wedding imagery in Greece. Drawing inspiration from its rich cultural, artistic and historical background, host and curator Sotiris Tsakanikas along with a carefully selected body of wedding industry-leading experts, provide photographers with insight and guidance in branding, editing and creating fascinating emotive content. 

Mykonos is an estuary, where lounge lifestyle stylish crowds and avant-garde boutique spaces merge with the traditional whi...

October 9, 2017



The Secret Owl workshop is a collection of exclusive retreat, fine art wedding photography courses orchestrated by Sotiris Tsakanikas in Greece. Drawing from the multidisciplinary arts, culture, versatile scapes and palettes of this ancient land, and teaming up with wedding industry-leading vendors, the Secret Owl inspires photographers to develop a clear vision and to create genuine, stunning, story telling wedding visuals. 

An image is drawn from the past. A picturesque fishing village brimming with bright colors and textures, quintessen...

October 8, 2017


The Secret Owl is a series of fine art photography workshops curated by Sotiris Tsakanikas. It is focused on creating emotive imagery that tells a story,  drawing inspiration from the most exclusive locations in Greece, their rich culture, history, architecture, and palettes. Each year, industry-leading experts share their creative vision and inspire professional photographers to explore and to develop a unique artistic identity. 

Inspired by the bright pops of Cycladian technicolor, this summer styled shoot at the iconic Caprice of Mykonos channels th...

September 14, 2017

Get the most out of Fine Art Wedding Photography. Destination Wedding Photography may be a lot about the unparalleled beauty of the Greek cosmopolitan islands, but not all of it has to be. Restless, dynamic, industrial, utterly sizzling, the charm of the city resonates with us. From concrete landscapes and private estates to lofts, gardens, cultural spaces, and secret niches, we get romanced by urban wedding patterns, we learn how to capture their energy and translate it, we get inspired to elevate, we grow. Our journey begins in Chalkidiki this Fall.

September 13, 2017

  Iokasti Skandamis is the creative force behind MAZI Event. An Art & Design degree was the beginning of all things beautiful, spurring her inspiration and fueling her love for romance and detail.

  After years of success in the fine arts, her ability to channel creative ideas into constantly evolving projects and her top-of-the-line expertise, led to event and wedding design, and eventually the establishment of MAZI planning agency, which specializes in producing highly aesthetic celebrations and affairs all across Greece and Europe. Today, her alliance with the wedding industry's fi...

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