When - Where - Investment

  April 21 - April 24, 2020  |    Paros, Greece

Price 1500 euro

  Fees include :

- a 4-day intensive workshop (20+ hours of teaching)

- transportation within the island 

- all meals during workshop

- 3 major story-driven styled-shoot editorials / optional       extra shooting with model(s) view daily schedule


What To Bring
  • Camera, Lenses, Cards and batteries

  • Laptop and a Hard disc

  • Your personal Portfolio either in a digital form or in print (links or blog posts will not be considered eligible)

  • Comfy shoes and clothing, certainly a jacket and a sweater for the night 


What to consider bringing

  • A swimsuit (for the daring ones)

  • Your good mood and your best smile

  • A friend

Posting Rules

Though we like to keep things as unrestrained as possible, some ground rules need to be established in order to enhance fluidity, boost creativity and sustainability.


 Your work is your own. It belongs to you and you are free to distribute or share it as you see fit. As far as portfolios, blog posts and social media sharing are concerned, mentions to the workshop, its creators and the contributors to each shoot are kindly required. Tags, hashtags and links (regarding each shoot) will be provided and posted separately at the Facebook group. You without question retain the right to freely send your work out for publication anywhere you see fit, yet kindly allow a head-start to our photographers/speakers. You will be notified by the group as to the appropriate time to start publishing your work, always linked with all the significant, relative bits of information.

Daily discourse topics

  • portfolio reviews

  • Q&A sessions

  • Inspiration - Creativity 

  • discover your personal style

  • the ideal client

  • how to get published

  • social media, blog posts

  • album design and advices

  • develop your business – marketing

  • sales - packaging

  • editing - workflow - daily workflow

 Booking a seat 


By request you will be receiving more details as well as the agreement document via e-mail. You are kindly requested to sign the document and deposit your attendee payment. The fee is non-refundable, but should you wish so, you can resell or transfer your admission. 


 Upon registering you will be added to a closed group on Facebook, where you will have the chance to meet up with the rest of our participants and get frequent updates and notifications regarding the Secret Owl community and the Paros 2020 workshop.


  Each day provides key-speaker/photographer discourse, Q&A, and a hands-on shooting portion where you will have the opportunity to work on your own, shoot some incredible images and add to your personal portfolio.

copyright Sotiris Tsakanikas 2018