PARTICIPANT’s testimonial

August 26, 2016


PARTICIPANT’s testimonial


– Motivational & Inspirational. The best photographical experience since the beginning of my career. Both qualitative and quantitative knowledge. Overthrows the outdated established status quo    

“Nikos Kopanas”


– Thank you very much for everything! It was a fantastic experience that exceeded my expectations. All the speakers helped us a lot, not only theoretically but also practically by presenting, each one of them, his own personal style and way of work. Although there were several common points, at first glance, what made an impression on me is how they showed us their diversity.Very important role in the seminar played the five-day overnight because we managed to gain familiarity not only among us but also with the speakers.  

“Nefeli  Maggalousi”


– It was a lifetime experience so it’s difficult to describe something like that. Whoever experienced it, knows it and i wish to continue and grow year after year. The time we spent was priceless.  

“Theo Alexiou”


– The seminar was a source of inspiration! Even though there was no signal and the communication with the outside world was impossible this was what made me travel to a parallel universe of knowledge, information and acquaintances with creative people. The speakers made us feel as friends and they “touched” us both with their wonderful work and with their honest and unpretentious character. In the end, I will become graphic by saying that I will never forget this experience    

“Helen Kalintzeou”


– A seminar which should take place by any photographer who believes himself to possess the correct basic directions. – Perfect organisation in a beautiful isolated place without, however, distracting our attention from the essence of the seminar    

“Nikos Roussis”


– A really edifying five-day that will remain engraved in my mind and heart. Incredible colleagues and special speakers in a small paradise. It was an honor i met you and spent creative moments with you.  

“Voryllas George”


– It was a really unique experience. I’m sure that almost everyone started that way, but i believe this sentence doesn’t describe in the best way what i experienced these days. Everyone’s work was enviable and unique. All three of you have different style and different approach so each one had something new to give us. Apart from what we learnt, there was also a bonding with everyone and i am definitely sad that it’s over. I’m very glad though that i met and discussed with people like you. Thank you very much!  

“Ginatis George”


– An excellent seminar, full of knowledge and honesty that pushes our creativity and evolution to the limits of our abilities. A big thank you for this truly unforgettable experience.  

“Theo Ntolias”


– Thank you very much for the ideas, the advice and the bases that you gave us in order to open our eyes. It was an edifying five-day session that will definitely be unforgettable.  

“Fiakas Angelos”


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