Why Mykonos

November 15, 2016


   Perhaps you have heard it all before, how Mykonos is the great glamor isle that happily flaunts its sizzling St-Tropez-meets-Ibiza style, how cruise-ship crowds and cashed-up-A-listers (that can reach 15,000 a day) flood in, or how traditional whitewashed Cycladic mazes and cubist structures become charmingly amalgamated with boutique-bars, and swank cafes.

   Beyond summer street jostling, celebrities and uncompromising high-fashion styles the Island of the Winds (as it is regularly referred to - and for a good reason), beyond the occasional pelican wandering and the rare metaphysical energy in the archaeological site of the nearby island of Delos, Mykonos is a chameleon. It transforms into what it is you wish to live, and shoot.

  One can meet peace and wildness simultaneously, from the old abandoned quarry lunar scape ( at the dam of Fokos) to the tranquility of the traditional old port, from the most beautiful sea routes, abodes, and sandy stretches,  to the indisputably favored or progressive locations that enchant foreigners and Greeks alike.

  You may find yourself in a haven, a treasure island, on a beach hideaway or simply (and in a playful spirit) at home. A word of advice to photographers : In Mykonos there and no details to be considered inconsequential.


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