Chloe Coromila

September 13, 2017

Born in Athens, I was brought up in an entirely artistic environment. My father, an architect, designer and art curator, and my mother an artist and decorator injected me with aesthetics and the love for art and creation. 


My studies in tourism gave me the opportunity to work in the events department of distinguished hotels and got me exposed to truly remarkable weddings. A shift to the Department of Theatrical Studies brought me to the world of Costume Studies, textiles, decorative materials, and colors. Soon, the need to channel my creative expression lead to the foundation of Femme Fanatique, where I designed bridal couture and shoes. 


The idea behind Getting Married in Greece was born during a wedding editorial photo shoot I attended as a vendor. I was mesmerized. I never expected that everything I had been holding so dear since childhood could actually be found in wedding blogging! I knew right away that was exactly what I needed to do. 


Ever since its launch in 2016, Getting Married in Greece has been hosting the most prominent vendors of the wedding industry, and continues to present its readers with the most refined weddings in Greece.



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