Setty Lepida

August 9, 2019

Setty Lepida graduated from the Kapodestrian Univesity of Athens and the Faculty of English and American literature and culture. She has been a published writer, translator, and educator for over 13 years before engaging with blogging,  writing about fashion, and finally about wedding photography and the industry behind it. 

"The right words connect an image to the viewer and are what makes people identify themselves with the story and its storyteller within and beyond. The wording is the artist's voice, their perception of their own work and their connection to the couples they photograph. There is a big difference between the almost right words and the right words to describe it. It is the difference between a speedlight  and natural light itself. If you know what to say and  how to say it, your clients bond with you. That is what you are after, and to be choosen over everyone else, your clients need to feel that you two have clicked. " 

Setty's writing has been embraced by creatives, thanks to collaborations with some of the most esteemed wedding photographers, planners and magazines. Shortly, social media administration and management followed, but writing always comes first. 

I wish to understand a creative, feel what they feel, see what they see. My voice is not my own, but I bring ideas to the table. Combining music, fashion, history, journalism, litterature and social studies I become the person who I voice. The Wording_ is not about me and my accomplishments, it is about how to make others view yours. If being your writer was taken I would go for  your 'advertiser'. 




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