Third Day, Engagement in Mykonos || Published on ChicAndStylish

October 9, 2017




The Secret Owl workshop is a collection of exclusive retreat, fine art wedding photography courses orchestrated by Sotiris Tsakanikas in Greece. Drawing from the multidisciplinary arts, culture, versatile scapes and palettes of this ancient land, and teaming up with wedding industry-leading vendors, the Secret Owl inspires photographers to develop a clear vision and to create genuine, stunning, story telling wedding visuals. 


An image is drawn from the past. A picturesque fishing village brimming with bright colors and textures, quintessential of the Aegean's rich and emotive imagery. Fishnets, rushes, pebbled sand, and wooden boats, octopuses drying in the sun, the treasures of the sea and earth offered at the wedding table, the joy and spirit of rustic beauty in the most cheerful fresh florals, brass and nickel accents to evoke an epoch when an engagement would be celebrated in the same revelry as a wedding. 





















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