Melanie Potamitou - Splendid Events

March 18, 2018

Why would an event, conference and campaign developer for the European Commission in Brussels turn event and wedding planner in Cyprus was a question I received a lot when I found Splendid. As a Politics graduate, I must say history always plays its part in what comes next.

I grew up by the beach in a restaurant-hotel owner family, where early on I could listen to materials being sizzled, trimmed, and tucked into place. As a teenager, I trained to become a professional ballet dancer, spending hours perfecting a skywards pointing arm, a steady anchored ankle, a perfect spin, all in the uttermost lightness, all possible procuring the center of gravity. As a student, I understood the meaning of precision and research; working in the art and science of coordination between London, Amsterdam, and Paris, I found that my center of gravity was only found in details. Their depth, their gentleness, and presence into every event, how they convene a message behind the story.

I found Splendid to do exactly that: Research, design, coordinate and listen to materials, be omnipresent to pick up messages running along your history and translate them into colors, scents, fluidity, and as you wish it so, your perfect center of gravity.




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