Aris Papachristou - Belli Momenti

July 5, 2017

Aris grew up in the beautiful island of Corfu and has explored all the island’s hidden and virgin landscapes by his motorbike. After wandering all over Greece and completing his studies in Communication and Public Relations and in Health Services, he came back to Corfu and started a passionate involvement with the Wedding Planning.

Ηis inspiration became a specialization, so he decided to live forever in the island of his heart, dedicate precious time in his family and the one thing he loves the most, the Planning and Styling of bespoke Weddings. Also, his great knowledge of Catering services and his broad experience in Coordination make him a unique professional to work with.

Aris has an advanced individual style that helps him think forward! However his most important skill is to stand by you, hear your thoughts and desires, always with a big smile full of energy, to fulfill your expectations for a shimmering wedding come true!




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