Joy Proctor

December 18, 2019


    An event designer is the equivalent of an interior designer.  Our job is to create the overall vision, determine the specifics and manage the members of our team responsible for implementing that vision. In this analogy an event planner would be a general contractor, focusing on the overall logistics that bring the entire event together. As designers we work alongside event planners, managing the look and feel of each space and moment.  This includes managing vendors such as rentals, lighting, linens, stationery, details, flowers etc. and fussing over all the small details that make the event special.


We believe in creating intimate environments that fit perfectly in their locale, hand selecting the very best artisans to execute our vision.  Understated elegance is the cornerstone of our design.  Every detail is tasteful.  All decor is intentional.  Our clients are stylish and discerning and appreciate design that is not only stunningly beautiful, but inspires conversation amongst their guests for years to come.


Our vision for your event begins with inspiration, the seed of a dream.  Through an artful curation of ideas, dreams and logistics, we present original concepts for your special event. Piece by piece, we weave the event together, selecting and directing the artists and vendors needed to execute our vision to perfection. Our design culminates when it is experienced; each surprising detail, every sensory encounter; the conversations and interactions born in the intimacy and effortless elegance of the ambiance. The design is our art, the experience it creates is the true magic. 



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